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High-accuracy XY stage (Made of ceramic)

High-accuracy XY stage that can be used for a positioning stage for measuring LCD panels, organic EL panels, and others.

High-accuracy XY stage (Made of ceramic)


  • A high-purity alumina ceramic air slider guide is used.
  • Straightness accuracy: 1 μm or less is achieved.
  • Attitude accuracy: High accuracy of 2 seconds or less is achieved.
  • A maximum length of 3500 st is possible.
  • Reproducibility within 0.2 μm can be achieved.

Application examples:

  • LCD panel inspection device (G4.5, G5, and G8)
  • XY table
  • Positioning device
  • Image processing apparatus
  • FPD inspection device
  • Optical waveguide positioning device
  • Wafer inspection
  • Wafer processing
  • Laser processing
  • Precision assembly device
  • Precision processing device
  • Devices for LCD panel manufacturing process
  • Devices for semiconductor manufacturing process


  • Inspection report attached

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