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Alumina ceramic material

Sales of alumina ceramic material

High-quality material containing 99.5% or higher alumina! Alumina ceramic material exhibits characteristics that metals and plastics are unable to achieve, therefore it is made into critical components of machines and devices!

SINTO V-CERAX comes in an abundant variety of sizes of alumina ceramic material.
Alumina ceramics are high-quality materials having an alumina purity level of 99.5% or higher. They exhibit characteristics that cannot be achieved with metals and plastics. Make the most use of alumina ceramic for critical components of machines and devices.

Model number Description
10-001 Material size:183×185×20mm
10-006 Material size:382×141×13mm
10-008 Material size:417×141×13mm
10-004 Material size:207×210×29mm
15-001 Material size:259×258×15mm
16-001 Material size:308×309×9mm
17-004 Material size:360×360×24mm
21-001 Material size:505×508×31mm

In addition to the above, we have a large selection of materials of various sizes.
Use alumina ceramic for ceramic components that require strength, hardness and chemical resistance .
We are able to meet machining requirements (cutting hard materials, bore drilling, tapping, grooving, etc.).
Please contact us for details by phone or by the following contact form.

We can provide sizes that satisfy customer requirements. Feel free to contact us with your size requirements including desired delivery time, etc.

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